Young scientist awards are given to recognize the contribution of the young researchers and encourage their participation for the betterment of the society. Applications are evaluated by an evaluation panel, that would include eminent researchers with sound academic background in the field. The highest scoring presentations will be recommended for the award.

Detailed Criteria for the ISPP-Young Scientist Awards:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Maximum 40 years (as on 31.12.2022)
  • Maximum ten participants will be selected based on the accumulative scores in academic, publication and significant research findings.
  • Selected participants would be reimbursed travel expenditure up to Rs. 5000/- or actuals through AC 3 tier journey.
  • Three young scientist awards will be given, and each award would include a medal and cash prize.
  • Registration to the conference and membership to the Indian Society for Plant Physiology is mandatory for submitting the award application.
  • For ISPP membership details, visit society's website at
  • Please note that the registration deadline for the iFANS-2023 is November 15, 2023.

Score Card for Selection of Young Scientist Award

S. No. Attributes Marks
1 Importance and relevance of research findings (background, review of literature, hypothesis, significant findings, Novelty) : 35%
2 Slide content and visual representation : 10%
3 Presentation skills and time management : 10%
4 Ability to answer the questions : 15%
5 Academic excellence (Recipient of CSIR, UGC, INSPIRE, Rajiv Gandhi any other Important National Fellowship/Gold Medal) : 10%
6 Publications (No. of publications with NAAS rating*) : 20%
10 best papers published in refereed journals with NAAS ratings will be considered. The total score obtained will be multiplied by 0.10 to obtain the actual marks

Detailed guidelines

  1. 1) Applicant must register for iFANS-2023 ( and send the duly filled application to and, and cc to
  2. 2) Applications will be screened by the evaluation committee and ten participants will be selected based upon the academic excellence, publications, and significance of research findings, for the presentation during iFANS-2023.
  3. 3) The candidate would have 7-8 minutes to present his/her work, followed by 2-3-minute interaction with the evaluators/audience. Candidate must adhere to the time limit as exceeding the time liming would attract negative marking.
  4. 4) The candidate will be evaluated on the basis of various criteria as defined in score card chart.
  5. 5) Academic excellence weightage would include:
    a. >60% marks at Bachelor level: 1 mark
    b. >60% marks at Master's level: 2 marks
    c. Ph.D. degree awarded: 2 marks
    d. National Fellowship/University Gold Medal: Maximum 5 marks (CSIR, UGC, INSPIRE, Rajiv Gandhi or any other Important National Fellowship; 2.5 marks each)
  6. 6) Granted Patents will score 5 marks each while filed patent will be given 3 marks each.
  7. 7) The applicant must be a member of Indian Society for Plant Physiology
  8. 8) Area of the research should be in-line with the society's mandated areas of research
  9. 9) Application deadline for the young scientist awards is December 20, 2022. For more details visit conference website for announcements.
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